Boys and Girls Homes has a Farm…E-I-E-I-O

“Where Horsing Around is Serious Business”

Few visitors to Boys and Girls Homes realize that just across the highway from our main campus lies and expanse of pasture and farm land that provides a unique program of services and opportunities for our children.  For many years this property has been operated and managed by the Homes as a true “working farm”.  From growing garden vegetables to raising livestock and horses, life on “The Farm” would surely make old McDonald proud.

Spread over approximately 110 acres, the farm claims the largest pecan orchard in North Carolina and also houses a 2,000 seat capacity Exhibition Center that buzzes with activity throughout the year, providing a major source of revenue for farm operations.  Through our World of Work program, residents are encouraged to apply for jobs on the farm that teach them useful skills, teamwork and responsibility.  Residents also participate in our year-round Horsemanship Program.

There is always work to be done on the farm, and on any given day you will find Chuck Ward, Director of Farm and Arena Operations, taking care of business.  Chuck has been instrumental in expanding the program of services the farm offers our children and our patrons.

The needs and opportunities on our farm continue to grow.  Our children enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and we have an extended Christmas “Wish List” for our farm that if met will help us continue to maintain and service the farm operation and provide future programs that serve our children and community.  If you or someone you know can contribute to our farm needs, please contact Chuck Ward at (910) 625-7302 or (910) 646-3083.  Remember that all donations are tax deductible.